Scott Clarke

Owner, Instructor

Scott Clarke brings a unique blend of military experience, leadership expertise, and a deep passion for reptiles to his role as the owner and trainer of Snake R&R Training. With over four years of experience in the snake handling industry, Scott has established himself as a prominent figure in reptile education and safety.

Prior to his venture into snake handling, Scott served in the Australian Defence Force for 17 years, including over six years in the prestigious Special Air Service (SAS). His military background equipped him with invaluable leadership skills, training expertise, and a meticulous approach to safety and operational efficiency. Scott’s military background also equipped him with a profound understanding of managing high-stress situations, which he adeptly applies to his snake handling training programs.

Under the mentorship of renowned herpetologists Bob Cooper and Brian Bush, both icons in Western Australia’s herpetology community, Scott has honed his knowledge of snake behaviour, conservation practices, and effective handling techniques. This mentorship has not only enriched his understanding of reptile management but also strengthened his commitment to preserving the region’s vulnerable species and their habitats.

Scott’s proficiency extends beyond snake handling; he holds expertise in training and assessing, ensuring that Snake R&R Training maintains the highest standards in wildlife education and safety protocols. His dedication to excellence is evident in the organization’s impeccable safety record and reputation as a trusted provider of snake handling courses.

Outside of his professional endeavours, Scott embraces a vibrant lifestyle filled with adventure and outdoor pursuits. He finds joy in exploring Australia’s diverse landscapes, particularly through horse riding and team roping activities. His adventurous spirit also extends to occasional bull rides, reflecting his fearless approach to challenges both in and out of the wild.

As the owner of Snake R&R Training, Scott Clarke continues to lead with passion and purpose, fostering a community of confident and conscientious snake handlers while advocating for the conservation of Australia’s unique reptilian species.

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