Probably up with the best PD (personal development) I have ever done. Certainly the best dollar for value.

I’d recommend this to anyone – the wealth of information I have taken away with me is priceless.

Presentation was faultless – with no PowerPoint (!!!) or technology, Ann certainly knew her stuff and her anecdotal method included everyone.


Geraldton Snake Handling Course


Just wanted to give some feedback on the snake handler course. I was amazed and both impressed with the training. To step into a classroom where part of the group is in fear of snakes and the other part of the group is fairly confident to be around snakes, I was nothing short of impressed with the control and nature of the training. The way that the training was conducted put the entire classroom at ease and allowed them to learn in a comfortable environment. I just wanted to make sure this feedback was given because it’s important for people to know that the work they are doing is good and that the people getting the training appreciate their effort.

Once again thanks for the training.


WA Mining Company

Hi Ann,

What great training it was. You were so calm, knowledgeable, patient, kind and flexible. We couldn’t have asked for a better result. Thank you.


WA Mining Company

I just wanted to say thanks so much for such a great course.


Thank you for all your help over the past few weeks with sorting out the courses. Everyone that participated said they thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would recommend it.

I personally found the course to be of great value. Bob’s wealth of knowledge was readily absorbed by all who attended. We watched a colleague petrified at the start of the course, not wanting to lay a finger on the pythons – then handling King Browns and Tiger snakes by the end of the day!

Could you please thank the guys again for us for their time.


Having attended the Bob Cooper snake handling course with a team of my staff, I would thoroughly recommend the course and the experience.

Our group of 8 attendees were all extremely nervous (especially me) about the prospect of dealing with these mis-understood creatures. Bob’s dedication and understanding of these animals helped us to gain new found respect for the snakes, the tasks we undertook and ourselves.

Up until now our team have always worried about the dreaded call from our hotel guest “there’s a snake!” – we now tackle such calls with enthusiasm that we will be able to put our excellent training to practical use and the fear has genuinely turned into excitement… What species will we encounter today!

Thanks to Bob and his team for delivering a first class confidence enhancing experience.

Tom Cykowski

General Manager, Fiztroy River Lodge

Can you please pass on my many thanks to Bob, I had a terrific day learning about snakes and now have great respect for the creatures, one of the best days I have had learning ever which was due to the knowledge and experience presented by Bob.

WA Mining Company

Bob – your knowledge, experience and manner, along with a good few stories made it an interesting, informative and fun day. Your calmness with the animals is infectious and inspires healthy respect and understanding of them and their needs and although I have always handled non-venomous snakes I’m proud to fully hang up my shovel in favour of your tool kit! So very many thanks for that.


Video Testimonial from a course

Video Testimonial from a course

Video Testimonial from a course

Just writing to say how much I enjoyed the snake handling course on Sunday, it was great fun and a real eye opener that not only taught me about snakes, but the nature of fear and how it makes us perceive the world.
Please let Bob know it was a great course.


2012 Snake Handling Course Participant

Since doing the course with you I have strongly recommended your courses to everyone that asks me about snake handler training. I was particularly impressed with the way you teach people to respect snakes. It’s great to see the change in attitude of some of the people we have recently sent to do your course – they leave site joking about snake catching equipment being long handled shovels and then when they come back after doing your course they leap to the defence of snakes whenever anyone else jokes about shovels, etc.

I had to practically beg people to do the snake handler training when we were looking for the first group of snake handlers for this site – now the people that have been trained keep talking about how great your course is and I have a long list of people keen to be trained when we need more handlers!

Just thought you might like some feedback.

Environmental Engineer, WA Mining Company

Yes thank you, the course was wonderful, Ian was most professional, very helpful, and our people said that was the best course they have ever done. Thank you too for all your organising, it made it run very smoothly, and I am sure we will be rebooking him again – I have so many more people interested in the course.

Volunteer, Fitzroy Crossing

Morning Bob,
Just a quick thank you for taking us for the course up at Yandi last week, I learn’t a great deal from the course and you helped me to have a respect and understanding for our little friends in the scrub. I no longer fear them as much as before, so once again, thanks heaps.

Chris Robertson

Shotfirer, Yandi BHP

Hi Bob,
Just wanted to let you know that we have had very positive feedback from both courses you have run at our mine site. You were very professional and everyone involved thoroughly enjoyed it. I would happily recommend you to anyone and we will definitely be using you again in the future.

Thank you!

Another WA Mining Company

Dearest Bob and Janet
Well, it’s finally here! The closure of another BIG year but I so wanted to let you know how very much I appreciate everything you have both done for us this year. I am so very fortunate to have you both as external partners and you are both honorary members of my Portfolio! Every bit of feedback has been exemplary from every training group this year which has been a credit to you both!

WA External Training Provider

Thanks again for coming up to deliver a very interesting, educational, exciting and rewarding course in snake handling. Great stories too!


To Bob Cooper,

Bob I attended a snake handlers course at the Yandi mine site last week which was conducted by Ian a fantastic teacher regarding snakes and an all round type of bloke to talk with ( was he telling us the right thing I dont know it is not my line of work ).

I went into the course thinking this is a piece of cake handling snakes easy as. As a young kid I used to live in Alice Springs and catch snakes all the time to eat even to the point we used to watch birds go into a trunk and if it didnt come out straight away a snake had it so while it was eating it we would slip hand in feel snake pull it out and as i said cook and eat.

Being over 40 years having nothing to do with snakes other than watching them move around at different mine sites I wasnt scared at all to start of with. Until the little pet snake flicked me with his tongue and then hit his head onto my hand.
I didnt panic but I went into a instant sweat and jumped, but after sitting and listening to Ian regarding the RESPECT to the handling of snakes and their areas and the first aid aspect of bites, during the class we spoke about the use of the equipment and practiced by picking up snakes he also showed and explained that before one would even attempt to pick one up you must have some sort of housing to place it in safely with a cover.

After a few hours with Ian my confidence and attitude towards snakes was totally changed as so was the other 6 people in the class, I also had the pleasure as a trainer able to go into the other class and watch personnel do what I had learned the day before and my son Ashley was one of them who seceretly was scared of snakes and didn’t tell Ian but now has all the confidence a snake relocator on site as we all do after Ian’s course.

Talking to all personnel that was involved in the course they thought it was just great and now we are getting more people asking to be able to do it, old and young and it all comes down to how an instructor involves himself in the course he runs so i not only think Ian hold a great course as a trainer he ROCKs i wouldnt hesitate to place any of my students through his course, ( i will no longer consider having snake on a barby after this course).

Kevin Gilbert (Gilly)

Trainer/Assessor/Inductions, BHP Billiton Iron Ore, Yandi Mine Site

Many thanks on yesterday’s course (one of the better ones). I have been to 4 handling courses and this was by far the best. The content covered everything from finding snakes to improved handling as well as first aid, How to Work in pairs and relocation.

Also please convey our thanks to the ladies that pampered us with morning tea and lunch – WHAT A FEAST, I put on 5 kilos. I’m sure the other 5 on the course would agree. A great day.

Written by a Snake Handling participant to his mining company management.

Snake Handling Course Participant

Just a quick thank you for your training today.

To say I was a bit apprehensive before I started would be an understatement but with your expert guidance the experience was a very enjoyable one.

I have a new respect for snakes now.

Once again, Thank you.

Underground Mining Engineer - WA

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