Snake R&R

Venomous and non-venomous snake rescue & relocation is what we are all about.

Rescue & relocation of venomous and non-venomous snakes.

I am supported by a team of experienced instructors and we conduct courses for the general public, gardeners, shire rangers, mining companies and government agencies throughout Western Australia.

The full one day course qualifies the successful participant to rescue and relocate snakes.

When your knowledge level is down your fear level is high in any subject involving potentially dangerous activities. This course enables you, through practiced knowledge to lower that fear level to the point of control and respect for what you are doing. Not only respect for the reptile but also yourself by wearing the correct protective clothing, using the correct tools and having the right approach both physically and mentally. Making snake removal and relocation safe for you and the reptile.

We offer all the training and gear needed to catch snakes and transport them with safety.

Bins as containers are what I recommend for safe capture and safe transport to a relocation site.

I have gone through the changes in catching gear and techniques over the past fifty years and have progressed to using a gentle giant 1.1 meter grabber/tong and a deep V mild steel hook as catching devices. This gives me control over the snake while I am catching it.

If I am not in control then who is?

By having a 75 litre size bin (with a dark cloth in the bottom) for a container means I am free to use both tools at the same time. This adds to the ease of manoeuvring the reptile into a position where lifting is not only safe but less stressful to the animal.

Snakes are less fearful of something coming from below than above; as I slide the hook under its belly with a slow lift I can simply apply enough pressure with the tongs to lift the snake into the bin. On with the lid, lock down with the wire handles then secure between the handles with cord and I can transport the snake anywhere.

The dark cloth in the bottom of the bin gives the snake a place to head to once lowered into the bin, same reason dark hoop bags work in open areas.

Of course the bin is heavily signed with warning signs of what is actually in the bin.

The other advantage of using two tools particularly the tongs means catching in confined spaces, wells or cavities is achievable.

Be careful if you choose thin grabbers with strong claws they can actually cause injuries or stress to a snake. That is why I only recommend the 55mm wide, made in USA gentle giant grabbers.

Bins with cloth in them provide a safe and comfortable place for the snake to be in until released. They can not bite you through the bin.

Bins can be clearly identified with caution signs.

Allows you to use both hands and two tools.

Transport and releasing is much safer.

If you need to ID the snake it is easier in a bin.

I recommend the two wired handled 75 litre SABCO or Stormaid brands.

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