Bob is supported by a small team of team of experienced and caring reptile handlers.

Bob Cooper

Bob Cooper

Bob Cooper was born in Western Australia and his passion for reptiles started in the wetlands of the Swan River. In his late teens Bob was already known as a snake catcher in his local area. Now forty years later he has experienced the changes in the techniques and equipment for reptile rescue not only in Australia but in Texas working part time for the Parks and Wildlife service and in Africa when he spent time in Botswana and South Africa.

This wealth of knowledge combined with his teaching manner; offer people on his courses a safe and respectful way to learn how to catch and relocate snakes.

Ian Dunnet

As the son of an eminent zoologist Ian Dunnet grew up on a Scottish research station where ecology was a prominent part of his formative years.

His first encounter with venomous species came when a horned viper was discovered in the midst of a desert camp. He recalls the panic which overtook everyone. Most people wanted the snake destroyed, instead he simply scooped up the viper on a shovel, walked it a good safe distance and watched it bury itself in the sand.

Ann Gerlach

Ann’s interest in reptiles stems from a fundamental respect for nature coupled with a passion for teaching others how to positively interact with our environment, something that will likely remain a life-long goal. However growing up in the UK didn’t allow much scope for interacting with reptiles, although that quickly changed after moving to Australia when the neighbours’ caught snakes for the zoo, the new dairy farm adjoined a large swamp which was a haven for Dugites and Tiger snakes and she accidentally trod on the later in the garden – no one was bitten, however the snake was feared to be slightly bruised!

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