Bob Cooper

Bob Cooper

Founder, Former Instructor

Bob Cooper, born in Western Australia, developed a passion for reptiles in the wetlands of the Swan River at an early age and quickly became known for his snake-catching skill. With over 40 years of experience, Bob continually evolved his expertise in reptile rescue techniques, gained from diverse settings including Texas and Africa, where he worked with Parks and Wildlife services.

His teaching style offers a safe and respectful approach for participants on his courses, combining his wealth of knowledge in catching and relocating snakes.

Beyond reptile handling, Bob has dedicated himself to survival skills, learning from Aboriginal communities in Australia, the Bushmen of Botswana, and the Lakota Sioux in North America. His extensive career includes instructing Special Forces Units, lecturing on survival techniques, and leading wilderness lessons globally. Recognized for his contributions, Bob’s Outback Safety and Survival Course earned the Excellence in Safety Training Award from the Safety Institute of Australia in 1996. His mission is to instil a deep respect and understanding of nature, dispelling irrational fears through knowledge and fostering a sustainable relationship with the environment.

Bob Cooper’s pivotal role as mentor to all current instructors at Snake R&R has been instrumental in shaping the company’s success today. With his unparalleled expertise and deep knowledge of reptiles and survival techniques, Bob has guided and inspired the team, ensuring they uphold the highest standards in snake handling and wildlife conservation. His mentorship has not only fostered a culture of excellence within the organization but has also set the standard for safety and ethical practices that Snake R&R is renowned for. Bob Cooper’s contributions continue to resonate throughout the company, enriching both its educational programs and its commitment to environmental stewardship.

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