Your vehicle has broken down on a remote road, your water is limited and it may be days before you are missed. Whether you are marooned in tropical rain forest amid endless sand dunes or in the Snowy Mountains, Bob Cooper’s Mark III Survival Kit is designed to keep you alive and ensure you are found. The product of a lifetime of study and trial, the lates kit is the size of a soapbox and can be carried in a pocket.

Containing over 30 survival items, the kit will equip you to procure and sterilize water, create a fire and warmth, actively and passively signal for help, build shelters and defence against the elements, gather or hunt for food and navigate through day and night. The tools, lures, tablets, swabs and blades are outshone however, by the Bob Cooper Outback Survival Playing Cards included in the kit. A full deck of plastic coated cards half the size of a matchbox, each card is illustrated with a survival tip. Spades feature advice on gathering water, hearts are shelter and warmth, diamonds are signals and clubs are advice on gathering food, including and animal poison indicators.

As used by pilots, government agencies, mining companies and special forces units, the Bob Cooper Survival Kit is a clever investment for any Australian who travels off the beaten track. Bob’s kit and an array of survival courses are available on this site or by calling 08 9410 0453.

Source: Air North – Out There

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