Western Australia is a vast state with a natural beauty that encourages people to head off the beaten track.

However, before heading off there is one item everyone needs, a complete bush survival kit.

Survival expert Bob Cooper has developed a comprehensive survival kit that has been sucessfully tested in Australia and across the world.

Mr Cooper believes that applying knowledge with a clear head could save your life.

” If you can stop, control you thoughts and react as a survivalist you can chhose what to do first.” he said.

“The five priorities are water, warmth, signals, shelter and food. You have to decide wich one to satisfy first.”

Mr Cooper’s unique Mark III Survival Kit fits into a box similar in size to a butter container, so it is easy to take anywhere.

Mr Cooper, who also conducts survival courses offers these tips to help you stay safe:

  1. be mentally prepared for changes to your plans that you can’t control;
  2. carry a survival kit and know how to use it;
  3. never sip water, ration your sweat not your water;
  4. notify someone reliable of your plans and make sure they know what to do if you don’t return when expected;
  5. take a registered EPIRB and up to date maps.

Bob Cooper – Outback Survival Expert

Source: Horizons

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