Ann Gerlach

Ann Gerlach

Assistant Instructor

Ann’s interest in reptiles stems from a fundamental respect for nature coupled with a passion for teaching others how to positively interact with our environment, something that will likely remain a life-long goal.

However growing up in the UK did not allow much scope for interacting with reptiles, although that quickly changed after moving to Australia when the neighbours caught snakes for the zoo, the new dairy farm adjoined a large swamp which was a haven for Dugites and Tiger snakes and she accidentally trod on the latter in the garden, no one was bitten, however the snake was feared to be slightly bruised!

Having the opportunity over a decade ago to complete a snake handling course with Bob Cooper and become an active local volunteer snake catcher in the community, which was a full time job in itself in spring and Autumn, further fueled her interest in reptiles.

This interest was developed further through her work for the last 10 years with Bush Wisdom Survival, Ann has conducted many reptile education sessions with schools, community, corporate and enjoys introducing people to the reptiles and helping them confront some of their fears, build confidence and have a greater respect for the role of reptiles in our environment.

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