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Snake Catching Equipment and Snakebite First Aid  - Snake Catching KitSnake catching kit with shoulder strap carry bag, contains a snake hook and 40 inch Gentle Giant grabbers. This kit includes the Snakebite First Aid Kit with instructions.

Over a decade of conducting venomous snake handling courses on capture techniques for relocation from dwellings and workplaces has lead me to design an over the shoulder carry bag for your catching tools. With a utility pocket on the front, large enough for pressure bandages and other small items including a torch. I have also developed a hook with more of a V shape which greatly assists in the secure capture of retiles in awkward locations.
The combination of this grabber and that V shaped hook gives the maximum protection for you and the greatest care for the reptile.

The Gentle Giant Reptile Grabbers are the best grabbers I have ever used and are the ideal length and shape to handle our Australian venomous snakes. Bob Cooper
Price quoted includes postage and packaging anywhere in Australia. Other destinations will be notified P&P before card is charged.

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Price: $390.00